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Most of the food I eat is basic meats, eggs, fruits and veggies from Aldi and Costco. But I like to use some special foods when I’m busy or to help boost the protein content of a meal. With food products I use subscribe and save whenever possible. I can always skip a shipment if I don’t need one, or if the price has gone too high. Amazon emails me plenty of time in advance so I can make that change without surprise charges on my debit card. If you do decide to purchase anything through the links below a portion of your purchase goes to support my family.

Protein Plus Peanut Flour: This is what is left after ground peanuts are pressed to make peanut oil. The fibers and solids are dried and ground to make peanut flour. It has peanut flavor without all the fat and calories. I add mine to smoothies and yogurt, use in pie crust, mix with water and use as an apple, carrot or celery dip. My last order was a 10 lb case from Southern Grace Farms.

Stevia: I like liquid stevia in chocolate and vanilla (yummy in almond milk!); stevia packets for tea or to sweeten yogurt; and stevia by the cup which measures like sugar for baking (from Aldi or Stevia in the Raw.) This is a plant based calorie free sweetener that doesn’t cause cancer or chemical reactions. (I’ve tried other stevia flavors and really didn’t like them.)

Whey Protein: There are two brands I love for whey protein. They are both sweetened only with stevia. The more expensive one is better tasting but you might not notice if you don’t have them side by side. I stir mine into cooked oatmeal and smoothies. I only get vanilla and then add pure cocoa powder if I want chocolate flavor.

Protein Bars: These are not FYM approved for sure because they contain sugar alcohols. I tolerate sugar alcohols well (this is not alcohol like vodka but a sugar substitute frequently use for diabetics.) There are 3 brands that taste good and have the nutritional profile I’m looking for: Pure protein (I only like peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate deluxe flavors in this brand.) I also like Detour Brand bars (available at Costco.) These taste a lot better than pure protein bars, and sometimes it’s nice to have options for variety.

Beef Jerky: This is an awesome protein rich portable snack. It’s expensive so I try to limit when I have it, but it’s a nice treat.

Dutch Cocoa Powder: Just cocoa no sugar or fat. Cocoa is naturally protein rich, high in antioxidants and contains natural metabolism boosters. I add it to my yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal.

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